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Shopping For A Sustainable Holiday Season

Shopping For A Sustainable Holiday Season

With holiday season fast approaching, we’ve been looking at simple ways we can all make our festive celebrations better for us, better for animals and better for the planet we all share!

Here are five suggestions from the A Greener World team for a sustainable holiday:

1. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on meaningless food label claims!

It’s all too easy to fall for the many fake ‘green’ food label claims out there. Our free Food Labels Exposed guide will help you tell the difference between label claims you can trust and ones that are just ‘greenwash.’ Find out more >>

2. Making greener food choices and supporting independent farmers is one of the best ways we can all ‘green’ our festivities!

From award-winning meats and cheeses to handmade soaps, you’ll find everything you need on our popular online directory of AGW-certified products. Find out more >>

3. Struggling to find a gift for that special person who doesn’t want/need anymore ‘stuff’?

If you know someone who really cares for the health, animals and the planet, consider a meaningful gift of a donation on their behalf that will enable us to continue to deliver the high-welfare, pasture-based farming our planet really needs. Find out more >>

4. Looking for a green gift that celebrates sustainable, independent farmers?

With AGW-branded baseball caps, farm-inspired greeting cards, cook’s aprons or 4-can lunch coolers, we’ve got you covered! All proceeds will also go to support our nonprofit work to ensure sustainability and transparency in the food system. Shop now >>

5. You don’t have to go the whole (green) hog this holiday season!

We know that changing to a sustainable lifestyle takes time and effort. But if we all commit to making one small change in our buying habits over the holiday season it will soon add up to make a BIG difference! Search our online directory and start greening your holidays >>

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