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17Apr 24
Start With Soil

Start with The Soil

Soil nutrient management is a vital part of regenerative farming and applying climate-smart practices can reduce the environmental impact of your operation while improving its resilience—and profitability.   The ‘four rights’ Knowing the basic nutrient profiles of available fertilizers, composts, and manures is fundamental when planning soil improvement. However, employing appropriate application methods is equally important in preventing unintended environmental damage. To put this into context, while the application of nitrogen-rich poultry manure may be a great addition to deficient…

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02Apr 24
Get On My Land

Get On My Land!

If you were to see a path leading to new opportunities for your farm, would you take it? What if this path included proven steps to widen your outreach, cultivate new customers, and increase your bottom line? The creative blend of farming and tourism known as 'agritourism' can open an exciting gateway to untapped potential for you, your farm, your family and your community. And you don't need to spend a ton of money or hours of precious downtime to…

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22Mar 24
Meet The Farmer - Message in a BOTL

Meet The Farmer – Message In A BOTL

Danielle Larese and Nick Weinstock own BOTL Farm, located in Ashford, Connecticut, where they raise Certified AWA by AGW pigs and chickens, and Certified AWA and Certified Grassfed by AGW sheep and goats. They sell directly to customers at local farmers’ markets and an on-farm store.   How did you get into farming? It was a surprise! We’re both first-generation farmers and our backgrounds are in construction project management and theoretical chemical physics. We had started careers in our respective…

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15Mar 24
A New Vintage blog

A New Vintage

According to the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, less than 20% of vineyards around the world have signed up to some kind of sustainability scheme. Of these, just 6% are certified organic, while less than 1% are certified biodynamic. In this context, the state of regenerative viticulture is still embryonic by comparison. Yet, just like regenerative agriculture, the level of interest in regenerative wine production around the world is growing exponentially. What Is regenerative? Although humans have cultivated grapevines for thousands of…

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11Mar 24
Regenerative is for Everyone blog

Regenerative Is For Everyone

Ever since “regenerative agriculture” emerged as a concept, a debate has raged over exactly what it means. Perhaps the most controversial question is whether regenerative agriculture should first be certified organic. It’s a worthy discussion, particularly as the labeling landscape becomes increasingly crowded and farmer bandwidth to maintain certifications is finite. From the early days of the development of the Certified Regenerative by AGW program, we have always believed that regenerative certification should be both meaningful and inclusive, meeting farmers…

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