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25Aug 08

Sticker Shock

Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food, recently wrote an opinion piece for the L.A. Times called "The True Cost of Steak" on the effects of factory-farmed meat production. Roberts' opinion rests heavily on research published in the Pew Report "Putting Meat on the Table", a monumental testament to the consequences of cheap meat, and what the livestock industry would look like if we were to truly pay the costs of production. This report is a must-read for anyone…

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22Aug 08

It’s What’s For Dinner

A recent video posted by the Wall Street Journal shows a new way cattle producers are cutting feed costs: chocolate. Faced with skyrocketing corn prices, conventional animal feeding operations are searching for a cheaper way to pack on the pounds. This has led to the practice of feeding animals waste from food processing (the by-products determined unfit for human consumption). This practice is not limited to cattle; another article in the Wall Street Journal cites trail mix on the menu…

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15Aug 08

Animal Welfare Approved on

As part of our partnership with Slow Food Nation, we were invited to write a guest post for the Slow Food Nation Blog. Take a look at Program Director Andrew Gunther's recent post on Slow Food Nation's weblog.

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12Aug 08

Cage Free: More Complicated Than You Think

Part of the objective of our blog is to encourage educated discussion about farm animal welfare. Here are three recent articles that discuss California's Proposition 2, and some of the issues surrounding it. One article by David Sneed summarizes the debate and its political implications. Another article in the Arizona Republic describes cage free vs. confined, and another in the New York Times speaks to the increasing demand for eggs from cage-free production systems. A "proposition" that is often left…

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06Aug 08

Animal Welfare Approved Dinner at Slow Food Nation

We are excited to partner with Slow Food Nation in the first-ever American gathering this Labor Day weekend in San Francisco. Slow Food is a vibrant movement of people who advocate food systems that are good, clean and fair-goals we also support in our promotion of high-welfare husbandry. We will be involved in many events throughout the weekend, and will continue to post these on our blog as they develop. Sunday, August 31, 2008: Join us for a fund-raising "Slow…

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