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06Sep 08

Family Farmers Need Our Support Now More than EVER!

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is about to be immortalized by Hollywood as the 1990s nemesis to American agriculture, but moviegoers may be confused when they realize this villainized company is once again prospering at the expense of family farmers. ADM is the infamous U.S. agribusiness that had been found guilty of criminal price fixing in the 1990s. Fifteen years after its executives were jailed and the company was fined $100 million dollars ADM is again making huge profits, generating $70…

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28Aug 08

Eat Well Guide’s New Book

"Technology is tools. A plow was once the newest technology and now we can communicate as fast as we can dream. If our spirit and values are rooted in community and sustainability, then technology can help our ideals bloom." This is Marissa Guggiana, president of Sonoma Direct, as quoted in "Cultivating the Web" (download it for free at This booklet was prepared by the Eat Well Guide in partnership with Slow Food Nation, and is a great resource for…

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28Aug 08

We’re Headed to Slow Food

We hope to see you in San Francisco this weekend for the nation's first major Slow Food Gathering. Please find listed below the events our staff will be participating in. We would love to meet you, so please join us. We would also appreciate if you would forward this to people you know in the Bay Area. Thanks for helping us to spread the word. There are still some tickets available to our Slow Food Dinner at Woodward's Garden. It…

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25Aug 08

Sticker Shock

Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food, recently wrote an opinion piece for the L.A. Times called "The True Cost of Steak" on the effects of factory-farmed meat production. Roberts' opinion rests heavily on research published in the Pew Report "Putting Meat on the Table", a monumental testament to the consequences of cheap meat, and what the livestock industry would look like if we were to truly pay the costs of production. This report is a must-read for anyone…

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22Aug 08

It’s What’s For Dinner

A recent video posted by the Wall Street Journal shows a new way cattle producers are cutting feed costs: chocolate. Faced with skyrocketing corn prices, conventional animal feeding operations are searching for a cheaper way to pack on the pounds. This has led to the practice of feeding animals waste from food processing (the by-products determined unfit for human consumption). This practice is not limited to cattle; another article in the Wall Street Journal cites trail mix on the menu…

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