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24Jun 08

Consumers Can and Will Make a Difference

We received this letter yesterday from a supporter of animal welfare and believe that more and more consumers are getting concerned and angry about the confusion (sometimes deliberate) around food labelling. Dear AWA, Thank you for your work. I have recently become even more interested in keeping my meat eating as 'green' as possible. I am concerned with the economic and environmental issues associated with the overdevelopment of factory farms but I am most interested in animal welfare. I have…

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15Jun 08

Grass-Fed Beef: Safer and Healthier

We recently submitted this letter to the editor of the Washington Post. Dear Editor, In response to Annys Shin's Thursday, June 12 article entitled "Engineering a Safer Burger," regarding use of ammonium hydroxide to reduce health risks in ground beef: The goal of safe food is common to us all--farmers, processors, and consumers alike. We applaud Eldon Roth for his efforts in treating contaminated beef, but shouldn't our focus be on eliminating contamination before it occurs? A solution instead of…

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06Jun 08

Citizens in Illinois Cry Out for Help

Matthew B. Alschuler wrote to us from Warren, Illinois asking for ideas on how he and his community can stop the development of a 13,000 head dairy cattle factory. Please see the website for information and to learn how you can help.

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