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16Oct 19
Help AGW Grow: Spreading The Message Blog

Spreading The Message

At A Greener World, we’re serious about changing the way we farm and feed ourselves. We believe the work we do alongside AGW-certified farmers and ranchers really can transform our food and farming systems—and make this planet a better place. The rise in misleading label claims and the drive to further industrialize agriculture is raising big questions about the future of sustainable agriculture among farmers the public and policymakers alike. Working directly with pioneering high-welfare, sustainable farmers and ranchers, AGW…

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11Oct 19
Grassfed Challenges Blog

Grassfed Challenges

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What feed supplements do you allow under the Certified Grassfed by AGW program?” To address this question, we have produced an Information on Supplements paper, available on our website. But let’s explore the issue further here.   Grassfed means grassfed The Certified Grassfed by AGW program is an optional, additional accreditation to AGW’s flagship Certified Animal Welfare Approved standards. A core requirement of the Certified Grassfed by AGW program is that…

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11Oct 19
Kid You Not Blog

Kid You Not

The annual reproductive cycle in goat breeds from temperate latitudes (and some local breeds from the subtropics) is controlled by day length. Reproduction is seasonal with females ovulating during short days. As the daily periods of darkness lengthen, the breeding period starts and both oestrus behavior and cyclic ovarian activity occur. During the transition, goats can undergo anovulatory estrus (‘silent ovulations’) not accompanied by estrous behavior. Most breeds of tropical and sub-tropical origin goats breed year-round, and breeding and anoestrus…

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11Oct 19
Working With Your Vet Blog

Working With Your Vet

“If someone brings you a dragon, a Martian or Bigfoot, you will be expected to provide care, protect public health and guard against any threat they may present to our food supply. My job is to give you the tools you need to figure it out.” So began my veterinary education … Veterinarians come with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but we all share a similar core education. The concept of 'One Health' (see box) reminds veterinary students that…

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11Oct 19
Housine Benefits Blog

Housing Benefits

The basic principles of youngstock housing are no different to those that apply to adult cows. Regardless of the age group or the type of housing, accommodation must provide for the animal’s needs in terms of shelter and comfort. Housing not only covers things like floor type and area, but also light intensity and air space.   Ireland example In the typical Irish dairy herd, calving is a very seasonal event with the vast majority of calves born during February…

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