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Farmers Unite Blog

Farmers United

With all the criticisms of farming around the world, it’s great to hear the National Farmers Union, the UK’s best-known farming body, promoting the potential role of farming in mitigating climate change, with a target to reduce UK farming’s GHG…

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Tell Your Story Blog

Tell Your Story

A good product label is essential for any successful marketing strategy. Yet many farmers who sell directly to the public make the mistake of assuming a unique, stylized label is somehow irrelevant—or that it’s all too expensive, time consuming and…

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Mythane Blog


Methane emissions from the industrial sector have been vastly underestimated, according to new research from Cornell University and the Environmental Defense Fund. Published in Elementa, researchers equipped a Google Street View car with a high-precision methane sensor and discovered that…

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Green Diets Blog

Green Diets

What is a sustainable feeding strategy for cattle? Like any aspect of sustainable management or production, a sustainable feeding strategy for ruminants such as cattle comprises a number of core principles. First, a sustainable diet must meet the animals’ nutritional…

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A Pesky Problem Blog

A Pesky Problem

Through consistent observation, you always noticed which herd members were more susceptible to internal and external parasites. Fecal sampling helped you identify a few silent carriers: heavily infested animals spreading parasites on your pastures even though they showed no visible…

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