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Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW

Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW

Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW Logo

As a part of A Greener World’s family of trusted labels, Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW is the only certification and logo in the world that guarantees salmon products are from sustainably managed aquaculture farms that do not allow the use of GMO fish species, routine antibiotics or growth hormones. While other fish labels exist, none can match the breadth, integrity and transparency that Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW offers.

According to recent research, the per capita availability of fish and fishery products has nearly doubled in 40 years, outpacing population growth—and major trends predict a continued increase in fish production and demand through 2030. During this time of rapid population growth and increased fish consumption, the world’s oceans, streams and rivers have been and continue to be overfished, depleting the resources and biodiversity of marine ecosystems. Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic species for food, emerged as a viable opportunity to meet demand for fish and fishery products while avoiding overfishing of the world’s oceans. While aquaculture does not replace line caught industries, it is a reality we must consider in order to protect the oceans for future generations.  It has been reported that production from aquaculture in 2016 reached 80 million tons, providing 53 percent of all fish consumed by humans as food.

Often industrial-scale fish farms are associated with a variety of environmental problems that parallel those evident in industrial agriculture. For example, farmed fish can be raised in unsanitary conditions in cramped underwater pens, sustained only by a diet of nutritionally deficient pellets and fed high doses of antibiotics to prevent spread of disease and sickness (and it’s estimated that farmed salmon are fed more antibiotics per pound than any other livestock). But just like industrial livestock agriculture, there exists a sustainable, environmentally conscious version of aquaculture and consumers have a choice to purchase fish and seafood that matches their values. With the proper production practices in place, aquaculture can be one of the most sustainable animal proteins to produce. Farmed Non-GMO salmon can efficiently convert feed into protein while generating a fraction of the greenhouse gasses of industrial livestock production, in a system that protects our earth’s rivers, lakes, and oceans, rather than fishing them to their limits.

As a respected and trusted certifier and home of the world’s leading food labels, AGW is proud to be able to certify farmed Non-GMO salmon producers. Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW certification verifies that the environment is safe for salmon through water quality checks, that there is zero pollution and waterways are preserved, and that the farm prohibits the use of growth hormones and routine antibiotics—all while providing a way for consumers to avoid GMO salmon, which directly threatens the livelihoods, culture and community of many people dependent upon already-depleting wild fish stocks.

By certifying aquaculture systems that are producing salmon in ways that benefit the environmental, social and economic contexts in which they are embedded, the Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW certification provides shoppers with a simple, trusted way to identify safer, more sustainable options for farmed fish which respect the marine environment and preserve natural resources for the future.

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