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A Growing Bounty of Farmer’s Markets

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Grazin Angus Market Photo 2009With fall harvest season in full swing, there was good news from the USDA for consumers who prefer to buy their produce, meat, dairy and eggs directly from farmers: the number of farmer’s markets in the United States has grown by 13% over the past year. According to the agency, 5,274 farmer’s markets are now operating nationwide, up from 4,685 reported in 2008 (a gain of 589 markets).

The USDA has just launched the “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiative to help develop local and regional food systems and spur economic opportunity. But at AWA, we know that much of the growth of farmer’s markets can be attributed directly to you, our supporters. People who care about the food they eat and how farm animals are raised know that when it comes to buying food for themselves and their families, getting to know farmers and supporting those who align with their values is just good sense.

We expect the number of farmer’s markets to continue to climb. Many of our farmers depend on their local markets to make their farms viable and all cherish the relationships they have with their customers.  By demanding transparency, high-welfare standards and backing our farmers, AWA supporters are an integral part of transforming the American agricultural landscape.
See you at the market!

To find a farmer’s market near you, visit Local Harvest or the USDA Farmer’s Market search page.

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