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Changing the Way we Eat

“If you want to change the world, change what you eat. Food is one area of your life where small modifications can have a big impact. For one thing, you probably eat three or four meals a day, so any decision you make is multiplied a thousandfold over the course of a year. Second, the industrial food system is so far-reaching that by opting out of it even partly, you can have a positive impact on biodiversity, global warming, oil exploration, fisheries, your water supply, community stability, family welfare, your health and appearance, and the beauty of your regional landscape. There are dozens of ways to get involved. For starters, here are six changes that can make a huge difference.”

–Celia Barbour has written a series of articles in “O, The Oprah Magazine” about the movement that’s changing the way we eat. We encourage you to take a look and forward links to your friends and family.

A Delicious Revolution

Six Ways to Save the World

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