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Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

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I was reflecting on our time at Slow Food Nation and thought we should circle back to the Food Declaration presented there, which encompasses so much of what we believe in as an organization, particularly as related to “preventing the cruel treatment of animals” and enforcing “transparency so that citizens know how their food is produced, where it comes from, and what it contains.”

The project was Initiated by Roots of Change and developed by a national team of noted thinkers, producers, and activists. Slow Food Nation launched the Petition calling for a New Vision for a 21st Century Food, Farm and Agriculture Policy. The Vision Statement is a call to action to frame future food and agricultural policies to benefit all Americans. The petition was read at a ceremony and signatures gathered during the event. It is being sent across the nation for other Slow Food Convivia and NGOs to host signing events of their own. The coordinating team envisions that by the spring of 2009, Roots of Change, Slow Food USA and allies will hold a final signing event in Washington, D.C. to present the petition to Congress with a call for a new food and farm policy to meet the realities of the 21st Century.

To read and sign the petition, follow this link.

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