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Tell Us Why You Are Thankful for Family Farmers

child and cowWe at Animal Welfare Approved are privileged to work with some of the most amazing farmers in the world. They are leading the transition back to pasture-based farming, and pioneering a new agriculture that seeks to heal our planet while providing healthy, nutritious food to all.

This year, as you prepare for a holiday that celebrates the bountiful harvest farmers have provided, we ask you to take a moment to thank a family farmer for the good food that nourishes you. Join us in celebrating National Farm-City Week by using the comments section of this blog to tell us about the farms that will fill your Thanksgiving table this holiday season and throughout the year, and why they matter to you.

We are increasingly curious about the source of our food. Films like Food, Inc., Fresh, and books like In Defense of Food have sparked a national discussion on what exactly we are putting into our bodies, and what effect it has had on the world before it gets to our plate. The web hums with terms like “free-range,” “organic,” and “humane” (and, more than ever, Animal Welfare Approved). And while we spend the majority of the year discussing, debating and clarifying these terms, we would like to take a moment to thank the people making this discussion possible—our farmers.

Animal Welfare Approved farms are built on the principle that our own best interests are intrinsically linked to animals and to the environment we share. Taking a cue from the medical principle, “First, do no harm,” this philosophy of agriculture rejects the cost externalization that supports industrial agriculture. Our farmers are proving every day that it is possible to produce delicious, nutritious food without sacrificing the environment, food safety or the welfare of farm animals. We are inspired and grateful to support their work and consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of this movement.

So take a moment to write a few words of thanks to your neighbor farmers, farmers from your farmer’s market, your CSA provider, and any family farmer you appreciate.

Simply add a comment to this blog with a link to your farmer’s website if they have one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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