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Maveric Heritage Ranch Needs Your Support Following Tragic Barn Fire

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On November 19, one of our farm families suffered a tragic barn fire caused by an electrical malfunction. We ask that you hold them in your thoughts as they struggle to care for the surviving animals and work to repair damage caused by the fire. Arie McFarlen of Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. raises Mulefoot hogs and other rare breeds with her husband Bret Kortie in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. They have worked for ten years preserving rare breeds, and are experiencing profound sadness at the loss of these animals. Please take a moment to keep these farmers in mind while they spend this season usually reserved for celebration working to overcome a tragic loss.

The Animal Welfare Institute has made a donation to help with clean-up and restoration, but funds are still seriously lacking. Insurance will only cover one quarter of the resulting damage, and most of these animals simply cannot be replaced. Those that survived are in dire need of food and shelter. To aid in these efforts, please visit the Maveric Heritage Ranch website and make a donation to the Endangered Hog Foundation. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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