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New Film Takes a Closer Look At What We Eat

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Food Inc., a new movie by Robert Kenner featuring Michael Pollan, debuts in select theaters this weekend and opens next week nationwide. The LA Times says it is “one movie that truly provides food for thought” while the New York Times calls it “eat-your-peas cinema that could make viewers not want to eat anything at all.” ABC casts it as a film which “paints a vivid picture of the food we eat — where it comes from, how it’s made and what it’s doing to our bodies.” Earlier today on Good Morning America, both Kenner and Pollan were interviewed about the upcoming film. Read an excerpt below or see the full interview here.
Michael Pollan emphasized the difference between the imagined story of our food production and the reality. “If you visit feed lots, as I have, you lose your appetite for certain kinds of food,” he said. “Some people are in denial. But, increasingly, people are curious to know the story about their food.” So, once the reality behind our food production is apparent, what is the next step? Pollan advises, “We have to change the rules of the food game…We have to change the farm policies in this country, so we can make healthy, nutritious, wholesome, fresh food available to everybody.”
In the meantime, there are resources available for those wishing to source the kinds of food described above. Visit or to find farms, farmers” markets and sustainable food options in your region.

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