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Goetzinger Farms In Wonewoc, WI

Goetzinger Farms – Wonewoc, WI

John and Julie Goetzinger raise Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) beef cattle at Goetzinger Farms in Wonewoc, WI.

John Goetzinger began farming in 2007 out of a desire to produce the healthiest food. Soon after, John began to focus on beef production and began growing his herd of cattle in 2015. “We didn’t grow up farming, so we’ve learned everything through experience,” says John. “We chose to start raising a herd of Scottish Galloway cattle because they are unrivaled as a grazing breed. They are known for utilizing all of the goodness that our pastures have to offer.”

In addition to being Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, the herd of cattle at Goetzinger Farms are Certified Grassfed by AGW, the first—and only—food label in the U.S. and Canada that guarantees food products come from animals fed a 100% grass and forage diet, and raised entirely outdoors on pasture or range.

At Goetzinger Farms the cattle graze one section of pasture before being moved to fresh fields. Practicing rotational grazing is a foundational part of their cattle management, as it allows grass to recover before cows return to graze again, and keeps the soil properly fertilized and minimizes the build-up of internal parasites, thereby avoiding reliance on chemical treatments. “Soil preservation is incredibly important to us. By rotating the cattle throughout the pasture, throughout the year, they are able to break up the soil better with their hooves,” says John. “Our entire operation and the animals that thrive on our pastures depends on the health of our soil. Because of our soil stewardship, our pastures are lush, healthy, diversified, self-sustaining, and nourishing.”

With the growing disconnect of consumers from the source of their food and growing demand for meaningful welfare standards, Goetzinger Farms found it essential to have third-party validation demonstrating their exceptional practices to a market hungry for truthful information about their food. “We investigated several certifications to promote our beef and our way of farming but when we saw the Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification, we knew that was the one for us – especially since we were already farming according to the required standards. Certified Grassfed by AGW is also an important label for us because we want to ensure our beef has all the health benefits of truly grassfed beef,” says John.

Goetzinger Farms Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW beef is sold direct from the farm and through their website. Their products are also available at the Spring Green Farmers Market on Saturdays. For more information about Goetzinger Farms, or to place an order, visit Contact the farm by emailing or calling (608) 462-7766.

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