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Ardith Mae Farmstead in Stuyyesant, NY farm profile

Ardith Mae Farm, Stuyvesant, NY

in the Hudson Valley of New York at Ardith Mae Farmstead in Stuyvesant, NY. The goats enjoy the diverse, seasonal forage, which brings unique flavors to the cheese. In 2004, Shereen was still living in Brooklyn, NY and today, she is making cheeses that have been called, “unparalleled” by Tasting Table.

One of Shereen’s main goals is to allow her animals to be animals. She makes sure her goats are able to climb, explore and sample as many types of forage as possible. The herd has year-round access to pasture and uses a rotational browsing system which provides the goats with their needed forage and exercise while also improving their soil and vegetation. Ardith Mae established an every-other-year breeding program which alleviates the health stress of a yearly pregnancy and increases the longevity of the herd. The goats are never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Ardith Mae Farmstead Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW goat cheese is available at the Union Square Farmers Market in New York and the Hudson Farmers Market (every Saturday, year-round) as well as the 77th/Columbus and 115th/Broadway Farmers Markets in NYC (every Sunday, year-round). For more information about Ardith Mae Farmstead Goat Cheese, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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