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Hoofprint Cheese Company – Millbrook, NY

Hoofprint Cheese Company – Millbrook, NY

Brendan and Katelyn Foley raise Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) dairy goats at Hoofprint Cheese Company in the heart of the mid-Hudson Valley.  Their small-scale artisanal goat dairy and creamery is focused on providing high-welfare and sustainable food to their local community.

In 2015, the Foleys moved from Brooklyn back to their hometown of Millbrook, with the dream of starting their goat dairy. After buying their first goat, many others soon followed and on July 2016, the couple officially opened their doors for business.

Hoofprint Cheese Company is home to Alpine and Nubian dairy goats. The Alpine breed was chosen for its excellent milk production and the Nubians for their high butterfat production, which is essential for cheese making and rich, sweet milk.

“It’s our goal to give our goats the best care possible,” says Katelyn. “We are excited to say that we earned our Animal Welfare Approved certification because this means that our farming management meets or exceeds the standards set forth by A Greener World, not only in the exceptional care given to our animals but in our sustainable farming practices as well.”

Hoofprint Cheese Company goat milk cheeses are available direct from the farm, as well as at the Millbrook Farmers’ Market and other restaurants and stores in the area. To learn more about Hoofprint Cheese Company, including where to buy it and more, visit, or contact the Foleys at and 845-264-4464. You can also follow the farm on Facebook and Instagram.

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