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Moosehorn Mountain Farm In Wells, VT

Moosehorn Mountain Farm – Wells, VT

Moosehorn Mountain Farm is a small diversified family farm, situated at the foot of Moosehorn Mountain in Wells, VT. The farm is managed by Lori Shrader, and her two sons, Andy and Kris.  The family raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW laying hens, as well as other livestock.

The flock of laying hens at Moosehorn Mountain Farm is managed outdoors on pasture and moved regularly to fresh ground, which prevents the build up of pests and diseases and ensures the grasslands remain healthy and productive. The hens forage for seeds and bugs in the pastures, scratching manure left by other livestock on the farm, as well as leaving their own. In this way, they help to control insect pests on the farm and naturally build the fertility of the soil. “The birds always have fresh, clean pasture to forage, and the grass is never damaged by over-grazing,” explains Kris. “In the winter, our hens live in a luxurious double-decker coop, with access to outdoors every day.” The flock consists of a mix of over 20 different chicken breeds, resulting in a range of different shell colors. “We have some amazing diversity among our eggs,” says Kris. “No two dozen are quite the same, but all are equally delicious!” Research shows that pasture-based management is not only better for animal welfare, but results in tasty and nutritious eggs with more beta carotene and higher levels of beneficial conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids when compared to conventional eggs.

The team at Moosehorn Mountain Farm is passionate about sustainability and minimizing the farm’s environmental footprint, and strive for ecological balance and symbiosis across the farm: “This balance means that all species benefit each other in some way, nothing is wasted, and the surrounding ecosystem is not damaged or polluted,” Kris explains.

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW pasture-raised eggs from Moosehorn Mountain Farm are available direct from the farm. For more information about Moosehorn Mountain Farm—and where to purchase Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW pasture-raised eggs—visit AGW’s online directory. To contact Moosehorn Mountain Farm, email Lori Schrader at or call 802-665-0775.

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