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Sterling College Farm – Craftsburgy Common, VT

Sterling College raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) laying hens and sheep at the on-campus farm in Craftsburgy Common, Vermont.

Since the college’s inception, Sterling Farm has been a prominent feature of a Sterling education. The diversified and ecologically focused farm is a part of life at Sterling—through academic study, the work program, and day-to-day community interactions.

Around 30% of the food eaten on the Sterling campus is produced on the farm, and almost a quarter of the student body works on the farm, gaining hands-on experience managing crops, livestock, woodlands, and diverse power systems.

Sterling College Farm is managed as an integrated system of 5+ acres of garden, 20 + acres of pasture, and 390 + acres of forested land. In the grass-feeding season, all of the animals can be found on pasture around the barns. Sterling College Farm is focused on raising their sheep and laying hens in ways that allow them to express normal behaviors, and uses natural systems as a model. Students help care for, feed and breed livestock, and manage a varied landbase at the college through coursework. No matter their major or Work Program position, all Sterling students help care for livestock by participating in farm chores.

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