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Lies, Damn Lies Report


Over the last decade, two key statistics have come to dominate the discourse on global food security. Leading scientists, politicians, and agriculture and GM industry representatives alike have frequently claimed that we the need to increase global food production by 50 percent by 2030—and for food production to double by 2050—in order to feed a population of nine billion by 2050.

Published in partnership with the UK’s Soil Association, Lies, Damn Lies: The false facts about food production investigates the sources and basis of these two key statistics, and reveals how the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisors, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Department for Agriculture, Syngenta, Monsanto, and many U.S. and UK politicians have all got their facts very wrong indeed.

Download Lies, Damn Lies here.

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Lies, Damn Lies:  The false facts about food production

  • Co-authored with the UK’s Soil Association organic food and farming charity
  • 16-page full color booklet format

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