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Sustainable Farming Magazine Subscription

$36.00 / year

AGW’s Sustainable Farming magazine is the world’s leading magazine for sustainable livestock production.

Published three times a year, each issue covers a wide range of topics including technical advice, animal husbandry and market developments, as well as thought-provoking articles and opinions.

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Sustainable Farming magazine subscription

  • Relevant reading you can rely on, delivered three times per year to your mailbox
  • 24 pages of tips from the pros, current news in food and farming, emerging trends and expert opinion
  • The leading global magazine dedicated to high-welfare, sustainable animal husbandry and cutting edge, sustainable and regenerative practices

You will be charged $36.00 on initial sign up, and receive our most recent available issue. You will then be charged $36.00 annually to receive Sustainable Farming Magazine three times per year.

Your subscription will continue unless cancelled.

Read about our return and refund policy here.

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