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Back To The Basics Farm – Miami, FL

Anneke Napp raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) laying hens at Back to the Basics Farm in Miami, Florida. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Anneke Napp spent much of her life living in cities like Denver and New York. As a kid she spent every summer in Vermont on a non-working farm with a beautiful farm house and barn where she fell in love with the idea of a farm of her own. Later, while attending college in Switzerland in a small town in the Alps, her love for farm life deepened.

Anneke has spent the last 16 years in Miami in a very small area that is agriculturally zoned within city confines. Here she runs Back to the Basics Farm, a 2.9-acre farm filled with a large variety of fruit trees—including mangos, avocados and star fruit—and a small flock of pasture-raised AGW laying hens.

Initially, Anneke bought a handful of hens to provide fresh eggs for her family. But one day a gentleman showed up at Back to the Basics Farm with his 10-year-old granddaughter and their rooster, Chiki, that she had won at a fair as a chick. They lived in the city and were not zoned for farm animals, so Anneke took Chiki in and the flock grew. Soon, people started to ask about the eggs; as a result, the flock has evolved into a business. Anneke has added some Ameraucanas, Marans, Blue Andalusians, Olive Eggers, Anconas and Welsummers breeds, totaling around 40 laying hens and 25 pullets, and sells the colorful pasture-raised eggs to her local community and to a well-known Miami restaurant, Fooq’s.

“The root of this farm stems from a love for animals, no matter which species it is. Our current farm animals include the Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW chickens and roosters, as well as our sheep, two lovely donkeys—Mathilda and Tallulah, our pot-bellied pig Twilight and a nice flock of Muscovy ducks.” In planning different foraging areas for the AGW laying hens around the property, Anneke and her daughter, Sophia, and mother, Gudrun, have added beneficial bushes and herbs the hens can forage among and peck, such as blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, nasturtiums, mint, oregano, thyme, lemon grass and many others.

Back to Basics Farm believes in raising happy hens while maintaining the highest standards—one reason Anneke chose to pursue AGW certification: “I love the acknowledgement our AGW certification provides for our hard work and high-welfare management practices. I raise my chickens outdoors on pasture anyway, and without this approach, we couldn’t have happy hens or happy customers,” says Anneke. “I know there are many people out there looking to support high-welfare, sustainable farming when they are purchasing their eggs, and I would like to be able to provide the reassurance they are looking for.”

Back To The Basics Farm’s AGW pasture-raised eggs are available directly from the farm, and are served at Fooq’s restaurant in Downtown Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District. Contact Anneke Napp at or call 305-665-6222.

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