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R. Turner Farms – Albertson, NC

Jeremy and Austin Turner raise Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) pigs on pasture at R. Turner Farms in Albertson, North Carolina. R. Turner Farms utilizes pasture-based farming systems to ensure the animals have constant access to pasture or range throughout their lives. The pigs at R. Turner Farms have room to roam and demonstrate their instinctive behaviors, like rooting, grazing, and exploring with their snout, and are regularly moved to fresh pasture to avoid the build-up of disease and parasites. Research shows this type of management results in better animal health, environmental health, and human health—as well as producing delicious pork!

R. Turner Farms is also a member of the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association, a cooperative of AWA hog producers who sell to restaurants, retailers, and food processors throughout the region.

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