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Ranney Ranch – Corona, NM

Ranney Ranch – Corona, NM

The Ranney Ranch operation has been Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) since 2010. The ranch is also certified by the American Grassfed Association and is a producer member of the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance.

George and Nancy Ranney purchased their high mesa country ranch in the heart of New Mexico in 1968, with an eye to improving their Angus breeding stock and practicing healthy conservation techniques. In 2003, with the support of the next generation, the family adopted holistic land management practices, including planned rotational grazing, and began direct-marketing grassfed beef. They haven’t looked back.

“Our family is deeply committed to the long-term health of our land, our animals and our customers,” says Nancy, commenting on the significant improvements she has seen as a result of the family’s focus on land management and grassfed production. “We are thrilled to have witnessed measurable improvements in our soil and animal health, even during several extreme drought years. We now count over 45 perennial native grass species on the ranch, where in 2003 we saw only five. Our herd continues to be healthy and, by customer acclaim, our beef is the tastiest ever.”

In addition to responsible land stewardship, the Ranneys are committed to the high-welfare handling of the cattle and wildlife that live on the ranch. In 2010, they sought Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification because it reflected their own commitment to animal welfare, both on a humanitarian and a production level: “We were pleased to discover that Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW covered not only the treatment of domestic livestock, but also the care and sustainable management of our rangelands and all the life therein,” says Nancy. “Our annual audit reconfirms our commitment to these guiding principles. Stress-free animals produce healthier and better tasting beef. Our two local processors, Fort Sumner Processing and Mathews Meats in Belen, are both reviewed by A Greener World, so it makes a perfect fit.”

Ranney Ranch is proud to offer a unique grassfed beef product: young, robust, range-raised calves, nourished by their mother’s milk and native grasses on high mesa country pasture.

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef from Ranney Ranch is available for purchase nationwide at Contact Nancy or Joseph Ranney at For further information and to see the latest ranch news, follow the farm on Facebook.

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