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Animal Welfare Approved at the Green Festival–Pleased to Meet You!

We were so pleased to be at the Green Festival in Washington, DC this weekend, where we met so many conscientious consumers who are interested in our program and what it means for animals and family farmers. It was also terrific to meet some farmers, co-op managers and grocers whom we expect to be hearing from in the next week (you know who you are!). All of this is very exciting and we were certainly happy to be there.

So many of you asked how you can help, and we want to reiterate that grocers will only carry what people ask for and buy. So when you’re at your local Trader Joe’s or Safeway, Giant, Wegmans, or Harris Teeter ask for Animal Welfare Approved products…it’s the only way to facilitate change. And give them our website and phone number ( and 703-836-4300)!

We’ll be announcing the details of our volunteer corps program soon so look for an email. But in the meanwhile, if you know of farms or retail outlets you feel we should contact, please put us in touch. There’s a form on our website you can use to “suggest a family farm.”

Nice meeting you all!

Beth, Brigid and Julie

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