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Animal Welfare Approved program now open to Canadian farms

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national-canadian-flag1We are pleased to announce that Animal Welfare Approved now has approval from the Canadian government to begin certifying farms in Canada. American consumers know buying products with the Animal Welfare Approved label ensures their meat, dairy and eggs came from high welfare farms. Soon Canadians will be able to benefit in the same way.

Labels on Animal Welfare Approved products in Canada will read “This product originates from animals who are raised under the standards of the Animal Welfare Approved Program.” The label will also provide the Animal Welfare Approved website address. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency considers certifying standards to be part of a label claim and independent third-party certifiers must provide the public access to its standards. The standards for Animal Welfare Approved have been available on its website since the site was launched in early 2008 and the website address will be on Animal Welfare Approved product labels.

We expect to launch the Canadian program by the end of the year. Farms interested in obtaining more information about applying for the Animal Welfare Approved seal can go to, email, or call 202-546-5292.

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