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Protect Organics. Act Now and Don’t Let Monsanto Have Its Way Again

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cow alfalfa webAfter Monsanto did an end run around the law by convincing regulators to approve its genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa without the mandatory environmental review, consumer groups hauled them to court and won a ban on the GE seed until the review was completed. Now the USDA has ruled that the GE alfalfa seed meets standards and can be put on the market—despite acknowledging that the seed is almost certain to contaminate normal, non-GE (you know, natural) seed.

This is especially dangerous for organic farmers, who have no defenses against their organic alfalfa becoming contaminated with Monsanto’s GE seed. It could cost them their organic certification.  It could cost you control over what you eat if contamination decimates organic supplies.

But you still have a say. The USDA must accept comments about the ruling through Wednesday, March 3. A number of organizations will help you make your voice heard, including Food Democracy NowCredo Action and the True Food Network . You can also email your comments to the USDA directly.

Monsanto thinks might makes right—but together we can prove otherwise.

For more information, see Naomi Starkman’s Huffington Post piece.

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