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Black Tansy Farm farm profile

Black Tansy Farm – Springfield, OR

Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Black Tansy Farm is a small family-run farm raising Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) pigs in Springfield, Oregon. Black Tansy Farm produces high-quality pork and other agricultural products to feed their local community.

The pigs at Black Tansy Farm are Berkshires and Red Wattle breeds. The farm chose these breeds because they are friendly, safe around kids, wonderful mothers, and produce the most delicious bacon. Both breeds also do well in pasture-based foraging systems like at Black Tansy Farm.

The farming practices at Black Tansy Farm are connected to the farm’s goals for animal welfare and having a positive impact on the environment. “We care deeply about the welfare and happiness of our animals and strive to produce high quality pork without compromising the well-being of our animals or the ecosystem that supports us,” says farmer, Gwynne Mhuireach. “We seek to steward the land with a high standard of ecological responsibility. Safeguarding and improving soil, air, and water quality for future generations is one of our core values.”

Black Tansy Farm pursued Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification to share with their customers that they’ve met the highest standards for animal welfare in the industry. “We are thrilled to achieve certification through A Greener World to become Animal Welfare Approved for all of our pork products,” says Gwynne. “The AWA label on our product means that our farm is adhering to the highest standards for ensuring high-welfare treatment and outdoor access across the entire life span of our livestock, while doing our best to promote environmental sustainability.”

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW pork products are available direct from the farm. To learn more about Black Tansy Farm, visit or contact Gwynne Mhuireach at Also, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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