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Kunoa Cattle Co. – Kalopei, Hawaii

Bobby Farias set out with an ambitious goal when he co-founded Kunoa Cattle Co. He knew that almost all the beef consumed in Hawaii is imported and he was frustrated watching Hawaii’s fertile lands profit large corporations rather than feeding its people. “Isolated by thousands of miles of ocean, this dependence leaves the local economy vulnerable to swings in pricing and availability,” explains Bobby. “Additionally, with only a few days of supply on local shelves, anything from extreme weather to global political events could cripple the local economy and threaten the safety of all who live and visit Hawaii.”

For reasons such as this, among others, Bobby decided to make a difference in his local community by supplying high-quality, pasture-raised beef locally – and Kunoa Cattle Co. was born. More recently, the business became Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) to showcase the high-welfare practices they use to raise their animals. “Our herds graze in mauka pasturelands on Oahu and Kauai, spending their entire life in Hawaii with no added hormones or antibiotics,” says Bobby. “We work with our herds as well as with other local ranchers to raise high-quality cattle that are especially suited for pasture finishing and subtropical climates and grasses.”

Kunoa Cattle Co. currently raises 2,000 head on 4,000 acres of Kauai and Oahu pastureland. “Much of our land is former sugarcane plantation land, which has either been fallowed or more recently cultivated by some of the world’s largest seed companies,” shares Bobby. “This presents us with an opportunity to demonstrate the power of regenerative grazing to build soil, store carbon, restore hydrologic function to the landscape, and protect our marine habitats from runoff.”

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef from Kunoa Cattle Co. is available at retailers and restaurants across Hawaii. To learn more about Kunoa Cattle Co. visit and contact them at You can also follow the farm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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