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TonKat Ranch, LeftCoast Grassfed in Pescadero, CA farm profile

LeftCoast Grassfed (TomKat Ranch LLC) – Pescadero, CA

TomKat Ranch is a cattle ranch in Pescadero, California that works to provide healthy food on working lands in a way that sustains our planet and inspires others to action. Located in the lush, rolling hills of Pescadero and San Gregorio, just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, TomKat cattle are raised according to the highest welfare standards. Their beef cattle have access to pasture and forages as they’re raised outdoors on range. The farmers “rotate the cattle periodically, not only to provide the best forage Mother Nature provides, but also to limit our carbon footprint on the environment.”

Originally used as a conservation and land-management tool, the decision to begin raising their cattle for beef was not taken lightly. TomKat Ranch set the highest priority on guaranteeing to potential customers that the cattle were raised in the most socially aware, morally conscientious, sustainable pasture-based environment possible. The result: delicious, healthy and tender Angus beef, labeled LeftCoast™ Grassfed.

The ranch is also home to TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, which collaborates with a wide variety of partners, including Point Blue Conservation Science and local universities, to discover and share the demonstrable benefits of regenerative ranching. Through its grass-fed beef label, LeftCoast Grassfed®, and its Food Advocacy program, TomKat Ranch strives to increase access to nutritious food for its local community and has a broader goal of helping to build a robust national marketplace for grass-fed products.

TomKat Ranch and LeftCoast™ Grassfed are very proud to be Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW), as well as certified by the American Grassfed Association and their land is certified organic by CCOF.

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef from LeftCoast Grassfed (TomKat Ranch) is available direct from the farm through their website,, or at farmers’ markets throughout San Mateo County. For more information visit, call 650-879-2147 or email You can also follow the farm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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