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Our Food. Our Farms. Our Future. Let’s Choose.

At A Greener World, we’re serious about changing the way we farm and feed ourselves. Whether you’re an individual, business, or organization, your one-time donation or ongoing membership will allow us to make positive and measurable impacts on the environment, society and animals, and encourage truly sustainable farming practices through our trusted family of leading certifications. We can’t do it without you!

Make a one-time donation

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Help support A Greener World with a one-time donation.

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Become a member

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Monthly Donation Amount

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Become a Member With Monthly Donations

Your monthly contribution will help A Greener World to:

  • Audit, certify and promote independent food labels you can really trust
  • Make healthy, sustainable meat, eggs and dairy accessible to all
  • Improve the lives of millions of farm animals, with access to pasture and no cages, crates or feedlots
  • Ensure every farmer has the technical and marketing support they need to thrive in sustainable production
  • Share information and resources with the public, institutions, media and farmers

As a Member, you’ll receive priority notifications, a subscription to Sustainable Farming magazine, and regular updates about our work and successes.

Thank you for being a part of A Greener World!

You may be able to deduct any membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization. Please consult your tax advisor to determine if any of your membership fees or dues are deductible. If you created an account for recurring donations, you can manage your account here.

Ways to Donate

  1. Chip in with a one-time donation, starting at just $10.
  2. Commit to lasting change and become a member with an automatically recurring monthly donation.
  3. Multiply your givingCheck here to find out if your company matches gifts.
  4. You can also mail your donation to:

A Greener World
PO Box 115
Terrebonne, OR 97760
United States

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Confused by food labels?

You're not the only one! Sign up now to download A Greener World's guide to food labels. You'll learn which food labels to trust and which ones are good for the environment.
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