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Farm to Farm Sales

Buy and sell livestock, feed, machinery — and more!

How to Place a Farm-to-Farm Ad

AGW’s Farm-to-Farm Sales is our one-stop online shop for certified farmers and ranchers to place advertisements for livestock, forage or feed, farm equipment—or even to lease pasture for grazing.

Open to Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW and Certified Non-GMO by AGW farmers and ranchers, the service is completely free and new entries are added on a day-to-day basis.

Please note: only Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW compliant animals or breeding stock suitable for the program can be bought and sold. All advertisements will be approved before posting. Acceptance of a listing in no way makes A Greener World responsible for the quality or suitability of the listing for the purpose advertised.

If you wish to place an advertisement here, please complete the Farm-to-Farm Sales Form. There are no fees to place an advertisement. Please call (202) 546-5292 or email if you have any questions.

Please be cautious when contacted by a potential buyer. We recommend that you:

  • Deal locally, face-to-face
  • Do not extend payment to anyone you have not met in person
  • Beware of offers involving shipping
  • Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union)
  • Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders
  • Avoid third-party transactions
  • Never give out financial info


For sale: 40 Yearling Sheep (Ravenwood, MO)

40 yearlings, East Friesian Lacaune dairy sheep. January 2021 lambs, bred for April or May 2022. Write to John Borntreger at 40913 275th Street, Ravenwood MO 64479.


For sale: Yearling Steers (Latham, KS)

AGW-certified Humane and Grass Fed yearling steers for sale. Approximately 50 head sired by British White and Murray Grey bulls out of Red Angus cross cows. Weighing around 550 lbs. Broke to electric fence, rotated often, gentle. Grazing native Kansas Flint Hills prairie only, no grains fed ever. $1.85/lb Phone or text 316-648-5304 or 316-322-0536 or email for inquiries or questions. Posted 7/13/21.


For sale: Farmtek Fodder system (Wells, VT)

I have a 16 tray farmtek fodder system that we used for 2 years. It is now taken apart and stored. All parts with it. Closing farm. Farm hand that ran it left the farm several years ago. We needed the space for other purposes. $2000. Contact Moosehorn Mountain Farm by email or by calling 352-263-1622. Posted 6/14/21.

For sale laying hens and roosters (Wells, VT)

Selling laying hens, also have several roosters. Approximately 120 in total. Mixed breeds. Age from 1-4 years old.
Please have own transport as my truck is not running. Low price of $100.00. Contact by email Posted 6/3/21.

Weanling lambs – Pasture born and raised for sale (Claremore, OK)

Ram lambs at weaning; we have about 75 available. They will be wean around June 7th, after weaning (weaning date depends upon weather). They are pasture born and raised; Animal Welfare Approved. The breed is a landrace breed we have developed to produce good meat and wool on pasture. They are growing very well. We began lambing in early March. Sturdy sheep that know how to graze and do well on pasture. More info on the website about our sheep

$175 each; 20 plus discount rate

918.231.6947 text or call or Posted 10/05/2021

2021 Dairy Doelings and Breeding Bucklings For Sale (Champaign, IL)

We have approximately 50 Nubian X La Mancha and La Mancha doelings for sale as well as 2 purebred La Mancha bucklings and 2 purebred Nubian bucklings. We have been certified AWA since 2010, and have bred for good conformation, high milk components, production longevity (our does live a long time and are productive up to 10 years old) and pasture-based production. Our milking does produce high components milk that is perfect for value-added dairy products. Our entire breeding herd is tested annually for CAE and every two years for either Johnes or CL (all tests have been negative for more than 15 years). All of our breeding stock can be registered through the American Dairy Goat Association. Priced at $350 – $500. Email for questions in inquiries. Posted 4/27/21.


12 AWA Ewes For Sale (Livingston, MT)

For sale: (6) Romanoff x Katahdin ewe lambs. (6) 2 year old Romanoff x Katahdin ewes bred to a Dorper ram to produce Easy Care lambs. Certified Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Non-GMO by AGW. $200 for lambs and $375 for bred ewes. Call (973)903-1723 or email: for more information.  Posted 4/27/21.

Seeking Pullet Laying Hens (Preston Hollow, NY)

Seeking 3-5 month old pullets. 30-50 birds. $10.00, flexible. Contact by email or call 518-249-6234 for more details. Posted 3/16/21.


LGD – Livestock Guardian Dogs – Sarplaninac – For Sale (Claremore, OK)

Sarplaninac Livestock Guardian dog pups for sale. Males and females; Born December 5th; raised with a flock of several hundred sheep, and donkeys, alpacas, horses, cattle, chickens, guinea, geese and pea fowl. Our guard dogs are very good at staying with the flock. They love to guard, and assist when we fold the sheep at night. They are loyal and true; always guarding and loving their job. They are known for staying close to the flock and do not wander off. A rare, but high quality LGD. Vet checked; vaccinated; dewormed; and eating kibble. Will be ready for homes on January 19th. Males are $650; females are $750. Mother is registered with UKC; father is 75 % Sarplaninac & 25% Pyrenees. Pups are 88% Sarplaninac & 22% Pyrenees. Beautiful dogs with beautiful personalities. We have been raising sheep and LGD for nearly 30 years. Text or call Shepherd’s Cross at 918.2316947 for more information. Posted 1/11/2021.


Certified AWA and Certifed Grassfed by AGW Grassfed Angus Stocker Cattle, Feeder Cattle, and Replacement Heifers for Sale (Deer Creek, OK)

No more than 50 head of various grassfed Red Angus or Black Angus cross calves for sale; very nice and fancy cattle. . Ages from nine months to 19 months are available. Up to 35 head of weened stockers (steers and heifers) weighing approximately 450 to 550 pounds. Vaccinations and castration complete- ready to be turned out on high value forage pasture. Up to 30 of feeders (steers and heifers) weighing from approximately 650 to 1,150 pounds that have been on alfalfa hay in the fall of 2020 and being turned out to oat grass pasture presently. Choice of up to 20 head of very nice replacement heifers ready to be turned out with bull.
$0.08/cwt price slide on stockers and feeders based on $1,500 for a 1,000 lb. heifer, $ .08/lb. premium for steers.
Call 620-845-4223, text at 580-741-1349 or email for questions on inquiries. Posted 1/5/21.


Certified AWA by AGW Angus Steers for Sale (Fairview, OK)

Angus steers, avg 1,000-1,100 lbs. Excellent condition. Certified Organic. USDA verified grass-finished. Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW. Negotiable based on location and number requested. Call 580-227-0114, 580-794-7767 or email Posted 10/29/20.


Seeking Breeding Buck – Spanish or Savanna (Burkeville, VA)

Seeking a breeding buck for our does. Not too far from Virginia. Email or call 214-914-0323. Posted 9/21/20


Seeking Feeder Pigs (Burkeville, VA)

Seeking feeder pigs of the Berkshire or similar breed. Not too far from Virginia. Email or call 214-914-0323. Posted 9/21/20


Certified AWA by AGW Idaho Pasture Piglets for Sale (Sweet Home, OR)

We have 7 Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) weaners for sale. Born July 4, these piglets will be weaned and ready for new homes on August 22. We are currently accepting reservation deposits. Their sire is a registered IPP boar, mom 1/2 IPP and 1/2 Tamworth. From a litter of 14. All males have been castrated and will be sold as barrows. $110 each. Email for more information Posted 7/13/20.


Beef Cattle For Sale (Fallon, NV)

Certified Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grassfed, Certified Non-GMO by AGW market ready Black & Red Angus Beef Cattle for Harvesting/Slaughter. Phone 775-217-8549, 775-996-5673 or email for more information. Posted 7/6/20.


100% New Zealand and Purebred Kiko Meat Goats For Sale (Lansing, NC)

AWA certified Kiko Goats. Clean, closed herd. All adults over 1 year old are tested annually for Johnes Disease and CAE. Entire herd is immunized for CD&T and CL. Forage based with rotational grazing protocols. Visit our website, for more information. Posted 6/11/20


Seeking Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW finished lambs, at least 100 lbs. (Lawrence, KS)

Central Grazing Company in Lawrence, KS is seeking to purchase Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW finished lambs (at least 100 lbs.) to be sold under the Central Grazing Co. brand in retail locations throughout the country. Please contact Jacqueline Smith at for more information. Posted 6/11/20.


2020 Doelings for sale (Champaign, IL)

We are a Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW farmstead goat dairy in central IL. We have 60 excellent quality Nubian, La Mancha and Nubian X La Mancha cross doelings for sale. We manage a clean herd that is CAE, Johnes and CL negative and registered with ADGA. We keep DHI milk records on our milking herd. Asking $350/head, and willing to do volume discounts on groups. For more information or to purchase, contact Erica Peters of Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery at or visit our website at Posted 6/11/20.


Certified AWA Purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep Lambs For Sale (Sweet Home, OR)

Beginning June 11, 2020 I will have purebred Katahdin ram lambs available for your farm. These are a hair sheep breed that sheds in the spring so no shearing! They are also parasite resistant. Pricing starts at $200. For more information or to purchase, email or call 541-972-1903. Posted 6/11/2020.


Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW Nubian goats for sale (Cloverdale, OR)

Goats for Sale:
4 year old Purebred Nubian Buck $300.00
2 year old Nubian Female 200.00
2- 3 month old female Nubians $125.00 each
$125.00 to $300.00

Contact William and Deborah Dillon of Salal Ridge Dairy Goat Farm via email, call 503-801-4538, or 503-801-3336. Posted 6/10/20.


Hiring labor and management help (Millerstown, PA)

Pure American Naturals is hiring labor and management help with our 250+ Animal Welfare Approved by AGW Angora goats on a part time basis. Interested in mentoring itnerns that are interested in learning and developing their skills with agronomy, grazing, forage and Angora goat management. Happy to discuss the pros and cons of starting an Angora goat mohair production enterprise. Hiring part time help to market the value-added products of my herd of Angora goats. Will provide short retreats for veterans or families to experience the serenity of my quiet farm and the tranquil experience with the calming peacefulness and beauty of Angora goats. For more information or to apply, contact Glen Cauffman at or call 717-580-1416. Posted 2/24/2020.


Grassfed Stocker Calves for sale (Latham, KS)

60-70 400 lb AGW certified grass fed steers for sale. Out of Red Angus cows and British White or Murray Grey bulls. Weaned last November, 2 round of shots and wormed. On dormant grass and 4 lbs alfalfa cubes per day. Very gentle, electric fence and ATV broke and will come to the feed truck. $2.00 per lb negotiable. $0.10 slide up and down. For more information or to purchase contact Keith Long at 316-648-5304 or email  Posted 2/21/2020.


Goat Kids for sale (Millbrook, NY)

ADGA registrable dairy goat kids. Pure bred Alpine and Nubian doelings and bucklings. Sold as bottle babies. Clean herd, hand raised, very friendly. AWA herd. DHI, Linear Appraisal and show records available. Show quality and high milking production animals. Price depends on age and genetics and if sold with registration papers or without. See list of 2020 breedings below:

Doe Buck Due Date Availability
Hoofprint Dairy Carrie Me Home Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 2/19/20 All
SG Hoofprint Dairy Lunar Galaxy AN1932549 Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 2/20/20 All
AKM Farm Chasing a Star AN1949085 Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 2/25/20 All
King’s Rock High Speed Chase AN1646426 3*M Alize Kharm Personified N1499945 2/28/20 Buck kids
SG Harmony Bend Rachel AN1699450 1*M AKM Farm King Henry AN2047421 4/19/20 1st doe retained
SG Dawnwood’s Velvet AN1807877 1*M Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 3/7/20 Buck kids
King’s Rock Ex Ava Isabella AN1680026 3*M Urban Acres Charming Troubadour N1601206 3/21/20 1st doe retained
Hoofprint Dairy Dolly AN1881331 Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 3/20/20 All
Hoofprint Dairy Chloe AN1881326 2*M Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 3/12/20 All
Hoofprint Dairy Aubrey’s Lilac N1806696 1*M Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 3/3/20 All
Woodland Gardens Lady N1654476 1*M AKM Farm King Henry AN2047421 3/8/20 All
Woodland Gardens SE Ester N1737424 2*M Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942874 3/26/20 All
Hoofprint Dairy Moonlit Sky AN1932548 AKM Farm King Henry AN2047421 2/27/20 All

SG Hawk’s Hill Farm R Cheyenne AA1738086 2*M Tempo Aquila Living on Mars AA1686352 3/1/20 Buck kids
Hoofprint Dairy SP Nala AA1948549 Hawk’s Hill Farm B. Lincoln AA1950048 3/6/20 All
Hawk’s Hill Farm KL Yoplait AA1768705 1*M FGF5 PWF Salt and Pepper AA1853091 3/7/20 All
Hoofprint Dairy Sandy Springs AA1948547 Hawk’s Hill Farm B. Lincoln AA1950048 3/7/20 1st doe retained
SGCH Hawk’s Hill Farm L. Chobani AA1694773 1*M Tempo Aquila Living on Mars AA1686352 3/9/20 Buck kids
Hawk’s Hill Farm Bell AA1809172 FGF5 PWF Salt and Pepper AA1853091 3/14/20 All
SG Hoofprint Dairy SP Hollywood AA1948546 Olentangy Lance Tahoma AA1516531 3/15/20 1st doe retained
Hoofprint Dairy Sip of Brandy AA1932545 Hawk’s Hill Farm B. Lincoln AA1950048 3/23/20 Buck kids
SG Hoofprint Dairy Irish Cream A001932546 Hawk’s Hill Farm B. Lincoln AA1950048 4/19/20 Buck kids
Dora Fox’s Pride WCP To Be A Prince N1942875 4/19/20 All

Price $100-500. For more information or to purchase contact Hoofprint Cheese Company at 845-264-4464 or email Posted 2/21/2020.


Dairy Goat Kids (Athens, OH)

Purebred alpine and hybrid alpine/toggenburg dairy goat kids for sale. They are due starting 3/5/20 and will be available at one week old. Closed herd.  Males $80, Females $175. (Deposit $40 males, $100 females to hold a reservation). Please email for more information.  Posted 2/10/20.


Seeking AWA piglets (Cold Spring, NY)

Looking to purchase 10-12 feeder pigs for this spring. Would like Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW heritage hogs that have been raised on pasture. To contact with availability and pricing, email Nicole Scott at or call 301-325-7323. Posted 1/30/2020.


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