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Climate-Smart Commodities Project

Are you a farmer interested in funding to implement regenerative, climate-smart practices?

A Greener World, with partners RAFI-USA and Soil Health Institute, are recruiting farms for an exciting three-year project funded through the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program.

Project Overview: This project provides a comprehensive framework for farmers to transition towards regenerative practices, improve their farm operations, gain access to regenerative and climate-smart markets, and become part of a growing network of farmers committed to environmental stewardship. As part of their participation, farmers receive:

  •  A $1250 stipend to cover time spent on climate-smart regenerative farm planning and emissions reduction plan design.
  • Auditing and certification with Certified Regenerative by AGW (up to a $2050 value), third-party verification to help access new climate-smart markets and premiums.
  • Access to incentive payments averaging $10,000, dependent on emissions reductions and specific implementation of climate-smart agriculture and forestry practices.
  • Technical assistance through RAFI-USA and customized marketing and labeling support through AGW

Eligibility and Best Fit: The project welcomes farmers who have full management and control of their farms, ensuring a holistic approach to the entire farm operation. It is best suited for farmers seeking to achieve clear traceability of their projects and products, fostering transparency and accountability. Whether you are involved in livestock production, cropping, or both, this program provides a framework that is adaptable to various farming systems and scales.

Timeline: Enrollment is open. We invite interested farmers to complete this interest form by December 15, 2023 for program consideration.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

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