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AGW Certification for Processors and Distributors

Offering Supply Chain Assurance

Are you a food business, further processor or distributor interested in your products carrying AGW’s market leading labels?

With a reputation as the home for the most meaningful and trusted food labels including Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW, Certified Non-GMO by AGW and Certified Regenerative by AGW, AGW certification brings unparalleled value and integrity through verified sustainability practices.  Further processors and distributors of AGW-certified products who want to ensure customers of transparency along their supply chains can apply to use these market leading labels.

Given a number of high-profile instances of logo misuse and the general increase in greenwashing in the sustainable products market space, AGW certification assures use of the highest sourcing standards and independent audit by a third party to validate those standards along the supply chain. Along with a market-leading certification, businesses may take advantage of the marketing, PR, labeling and technical services that accompany certification.


“Sustainability is a core piece of Firefly Kitchen’s identity. This ethos permeates everything we do, from how we run our kitchen, to how we sample and sell our product, to how we train our staff…Our customers want to be transparent with their values and are proud of what they are buying and putting into their bodies. Achieving AGW certification for our products assures our customers that we also value transparency and sourcing high-quality ingredients to create products that are truly good for your health.”

— Julie O’Brien of Firefly Kitchens, Seattle, WA

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