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AGW Road Trip Wrap Up

As the summer winds down, we want to thank you for joining us on our Summer Road Trip!  The 8-week virtual vacation brought us to the doorsteps of a few of the farms, ranches and businesses we certify around the…

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Light and Shade blog

Light And Shade

Heat stress is a serious welfare issue for cattle that can also result in significant decreases in feed intake, milk yield, fertility and weight gain. The ideal ambient temperature for cattle is between 41°F and 77 °F. Depending on the…

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From Lab to Label blog

From Lab To Label

Public concern about eating and producing meat has increased considerably over recent years. Driven by a growing interest in the links between our dietary choices, public health, and climate change, the all-too-frequent and ill-informed media headlines and campaigning efforts by…

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A Heavy Toll blog

A Heavy Toll

In agriculture, we’re all used to worrying about weather—not enough moisture, too much moisture, moisture at the wrong times. We’re used to worrying about markets, equipment, labor and inputs. We’re used to worrying about so many things except our own…

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Factory To Farm blog

Factory To Farm

In early 2022, the Biden Administration introduced a comprehensive plan to address monopolization in the meat industry. I read the announcement with enthusiasm. Corporate concentration in the meat industry has been a problem for decades. Just four meat processing companies…

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