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Holiday Shopping blog

Gifting Green

It’s mid-December. You still have to buy most of your holiday gifts… It’s impossible to choose for friends; you have NO IDEA what to get for colleagues or neighbors; and your family has way more “stuff” than they need or…

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A Potent Parasite blog

A Potent Parasite

Coccidiosis affects nearly all farmed species and can be particularly devastating for young animals. The disease is caused by a parasitic protozoan, which is ingested when animals graze or are exposed to infected fecal matter. Infected animals pass thousands of…

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Regenerative 101 blog

Regenerative 101

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you cannot have missed the growing coverage of ‘regenerative farming' or 'regenerative agriculture’ in the media. While not a new concept (after all, humans have been using ‘regenerative’ practices for thousands of years),…

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Nature by Numbers blog

Nature By Numbers

Measuring and managing soil health is central to all regenerative agriculture approaches. However, the new Certified Regenerative by AGW program takes things one step further by including biodiversity assessment and monitoring. Why biodiversity? Biodiversity is an essential indicator of a…

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Silent Killer blog

Silent Killer

Some livestock diseases enter through an insect bite. Others are tracked on a borrowed trailer or dirty boots. A few reside in contaminated soil or water. While the virus that causes Caprine Arthritis and Encephalitis (or CAE) in goats is…

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AGW Road Trip Wrap Up

As the summer winds down, we want to thank you for joining us on our Summer Road Trip!  The 8-week virtual vacation brought us to the doorsteps of a few of the farms, ranches and businesses we certify around the…

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