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Laying Hens 101 Blog

Laying Hens 101

Pasture-raised eggs can provide a useful income stream to an existing farming business. But as with any new venture, it is essential to ask yourself some important questions before buying in your first chicks. Do I have the time and…

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Staying Safe Blog

Staying Safe

An invader is detected and deemed dangerous. Evidence is delivered to multiple locations, where it will first be used to identify the foreign agent’s unique weaknesses; then to design and manufacture special weapons to exploit those weaknesses. The weapons are…

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Snake in The Grass

From a young age, we are often taught to fear snakes. What these animals need is not fear but respect. With a little research, snakes can be easily understood and tolerated with minimal anxiety. Seeing a snake on your farm…

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Chicken On Grass

Pastured chickens will obtain a certain amount of nutrients from the pasture, as well as insects and other small invertebrates, and from small seeds, fruits and berries. Although there is little consensus about exactly how important each of these sources…

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The Immune System

“The immune system.” When captured in these three words it sounds simple, almost straightforward—a single entity or, at the very least, a tightly coordinated set. Is it that simple? Not at all. Coordinated? Well, yes and no. To begin to…

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