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Going Non-GMO

It is fair to say that most North Americans have been unwittingly eating GMO foods since the mid-1990s. According to National Geographic, around 65% of all processed foods on U.S. supermarket shelves—from pizza, chips and cookies to ice cream, salad…

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Bovine Bloat Blog

Bovine Bloat

Bloat is over-distension of the rumen caused by the accumulation of fermentation gases in the rumen. Primary bloat or frothy bloat usually occurs as an outbreak in several animals on pasture containing high levels of leguminous plants, in particular clover.…

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Removing Livestock

Sometimes it is necessary to remove your animals from pasture for welfare reasons. AGW’s farm standards account for this reality (see section 7.5). There are two types of exclusion: Emergency and Planned. For an operation to maintain compliance, however, you…

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Eat Play Shove Blog

Eat Play Shove

The very traits that help our birds thrive on pasture can trigger calamity during the winter months. Understanding what is behind these behaviors can help you adapt for winter wellness and bolster health and well-being during the milder months. Eat…

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Kid You Not Blog

Kid You Not

The annual reproductive cycle in goat breeds from temperate latitudes (and some local breeds from the subtropics) is controlled by day length. Reproduction is seasonal with females ovulating during short days. As the daily periods of darkness lengthen, the breeding…

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