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Recipes From AGW-certified Producers

Looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen? Whether you’re preparing food for a crowd or meal planning for your family this week, we invite you to explore the recipes and cooking tips below, collected from AGW-certified producers. Please check back occasionally as we update the list. Enjoy!


Ground Beef Bibimbap, Windy N Ranch
Cast Iron Pizza, Trails End Beef
Grassfed Beef Bone Broth, Trails End Beef
Favorite Beef Pot Roast, Bachman Family Farms
Five steps to roast beef perfection, Spray Creek Ranch
Instant Pot Beef Shank, Spray Creek Ranch
How to thaw, sear and cook a grassfed roast, Caney Fork Farms
Reverse Seared Steak, Caney Fork Farms
Indian Creek Grassfed Meatloaf, Indian Creek Angus
Indian Creek Grassfed Pot Roast, Indian Creek Angus
Cooking Grassfed Beef, Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co.
Beef sausage and egg muffin cups, Baldwin Beef
Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Baldwin Beef
Beef Liver and Apples, Starry Nights Farm
Meatballs, MJ Ranch


Buffalo Enchiladas, Wild Idea Buffalo
Grilled Steak Burgers With Harissa Mayonnaise, Wild Idea Buffalo
Bison Lasagna, Bison du Nord
Slow Cooker Bison Chili, Bison du Nord


Chicken Bone Broth, Serendipity Farms
Simple Asian Inspired Winter Soup, Spray Creek Ranch
BBQ Spatchcock Chicken, Spray Creek Ranch
Perfect Roast Chicken, Bachman Family Farms
Aubyn’s Simple Pâté, Spray Creek Ranch


Not your Mama’s Frittata, Firefly Kitchen


How to Create a Charcuterie Board, Sun Raised Foods
Lamb Recipes for Every Season and Occasion, Firsthand Foods
Rosemary Garlic Lamb Rack, Firsthand Foods
Lamb Chops, Caney Fork Farms
Lamb Stock, Sun Raised Foods
Lamb and Cheese Pie, Sun Raised Foods
Lamb, Quinoa and Fall Vegetable Bowl, Sun Raised Foods
Delicious and Shelf Stable Lamb Jerky, Sun Raised Foods
Lamb Osso Bucco, Green Dirt Farm
Lamb Smash Burgers with Garlic Herb Fresh and Tomato Jam, Green Dirt Farm


Sausage Cooking Tips, Firsthand Foods
Pulled Pork with Gravy, Firsthand Foods
Pork and Kale Pasta, Firsthand Foods
Italian Sausage Bake, Firsthand Foods
Two Ingredient Pulled Pork, Spray Creek Ranch


Japanese Miso Salmon, Superior Fresh
Honey Mustard Salmon BLT, Superior Fresh


Powerkraut Salad, Firefly Kitchen
Curry Quinoa Salad, Firefly Kitchen
Sauerkraut Sushi, Firefly Kitchens

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