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UK Consumers: Cast a Vote for Farm Animal Welfare in the 2009 RSPCA Good Business Awards

rspca-campaign-buttonWill Sainsbury’s be the top vote-getter? Is Marks & Spencer poised for a win? Or will The Co-operative come out victorious? It’s up to the consumer in this year’s RSPCA Good Business Awards, designed to encourage UK supermarkets to do more for farm animal welfare. The 2009 awards mark the first time voting has been open to the public and three finalists are vying for the title of People’s Choice Supermarket–Marks & Spencer, The Co-operative and Sainsbury’s. Co-sponsored by the Independent, the voting site details the commitment each supermarket has made to providing consumers with products from farmers raising their animals with high-welfare. The more votes that are cast, the more supermarkets will realize the importance of stocking free range eggs, pasture-raised pork and other humane products, so show your favorite market you appreciate its efforts by giving it your vote.

Voting ends on September 11 and the winner will be announced in October. But the true winners in this contest are the farm animals.

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