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At The Crossroads Blog

At The Crossroads

The COVID lockdown and movement restrictions in South Africa have undoubtedly hastened the evolution of consumers reconnecting with the origin of their food—and those who produce it. Throughout 2020, more and more people began using online food platforms, choosing to…

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Laying Hens 101 Blog

Laying Hens 101

Pasture-raised eggs can provide a useful income stream to an existing farming business. But as with any new venture, it is essential to ask yourself some important questions before buying in your first chicks. Do I have the time and…

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Snake in The Grass

From a young age, we are often taught to fear snakes. What these animals need is not fear but respect. With a little research, snakes can be easily understood and tolerated with minimal anxiety. Seeing a snake on your farm…

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Sidelined By Sustainability Blog

Sidelined by Sustainability

By Whitney Witthaus and Zachary Herman As participants in or producers of sustainable food, you have already begun your deconstruction of ‘normal.’ In altering and improving your methods of production, you are not only working to protect and enhance the…

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The Living Soil

By Ember Morrissey, Ph.D. It is easy to mistake soil for an inert, lifeless substance like the rock that so often lies beneath. Although we may not see it, soil is teeming with life. Over a billion individual microorganisms can…

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