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A Silver Lining blog

A Silver Lining

Last March, after years of sustained drought and recession here in Alberta, we were considering closing our doors. Then Covid 19 changed everything. Having an online store that offered home delivery positioned us well when the lockdowns began. Our sales…

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Back to the Future blog

Back To The Future

For the last 16 years, the Wells family has been on a mission to preserve the historic and endangered Pineywoods cattle breed by making their herd commercially viable through marketing a specialty processed beef product.   Pineywoods preservation While exploring…

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Breaking News blog

Breaking News

Did you know that our world is in the midst of active disease outbreak, with potential for devastating global health and economic consequences? No, not that one …   3 August 2018-|-China’s Liaoning Province African Swine Fever (‘Pig Ebola’) outbreak…

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Sillent Killer

Silent Killer

Clostridia spp. is a group of bacteria widely recognized as pathogens of livestock, companion animals, wildlife and humans. Before the advent of vaccinations, clostridia disease was one of the biggest killers of sheep and goats, and losses could be catastrophic.…

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What is pasture-raised? blog

What is “Pasture-Raised”?

What is “Pasture-Raised”? Pasture-raised means an animal was raised on pasture. But heads up: it’s not always used honestly—we’ll explain later how to know when you can trust this claim. Not to be confused with pasteurized (the process of heating…

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At The Crossroads blog

At The Crossroads

The COVID lockdown and movement restrictions in South Africa have undoubtedly hastened the evolution of consumers reconnecting with the origin of their food—and those who produce it. Throughout 2020, more and more people began using online food platforms, choosing to…

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Laying Hens 101 blog

Laying Hens 101

Pasture-raised eggs can provide a useful income stream to an existing farming business. But as with any new venture, it is essential to ask yourself some important questions before buying in your first chicks. Do I have the time and…

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Snake in The Grass

From a young age, we are often taught to fear snakes. What these animals need is not fear but respect. With a little research, snakes can be easily understood and tolerated with minimal anxiety. Seeing a snake on your farm…

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