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From Our Friends at Slow Food USA


Last year over Labor Day, Animal Welfare Approved farmers and staff attended Slow Food Nation in San Francisco with the goal of  promoting a better food system for this country.  This year, Slow Food is again rallying to promote good food for all.  Please read about the initiative and plan to take part.


In three days, people in all 50 states will sit down to share a meal and bend the direction of history just a little bit. Together, we are publicly rejecting the notion that our schools can’t afford to feed kids anything but the bad food that makes them sick.

And the way we’re making this statement is by bringing neighbors together in the spirit of good will and for the joy of sharing good food. That is the heart of our movement.

Attend an Eat-In on Labor Day.

There are 296 taking place in cities and towns across America. On our web site, you can search for Eat-Ins by state and find one near you.

If there isn’t one in your area, sign up to host your own: all you need to do is gather with friends for a Labor Day potluck, take a photo (the more creative, the better) and send it to us to show your support. If enough people sign up today, we’ll pass the 300 mark and our message will be even stronger.

This is the first National Day of Action that Slow Food USA has organized, and thought-leaders in the food movement say that’s a significant milestone. Last week, Michael Pollan joined Slow Food USA president Josh Viertel on a conference call with chapter leaders and Eat-In organizers.

It’s time for lunch! Attend an Eat-In on Labor Day.

Thank you,

The Time for Lunch Team

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