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How to Cook a Turkey Part III

We”ve had a day now to recover from preparing and serving some 680 New Yorkers at the Food Bank for NYC on the day before Thanksgiving. Chefs David Schuttenberg (Cabrito), Zak Pelaccio (Fatty Crab, Cabrito) and Nate Gross (Food Bank for NYC Community Kitchen) again led the kitchen on the third and final day of preparation. On hand to help were Danny Williamson of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch (Windmill Ranch), Animal Welfare Approved staffers Andrew Gunther, Beth Hauptle, Brigid Sweeney, and Emily Lancaster, Food Bank staff, and a host of incredibly hard working and dedicated volunteers.

The weather reporter from My Fox New York, Mike Woods, did a live broadcast from the Food Bank from 5:00 am to 9:00 am including a fundraiser and food drive. CW Channel 11 also covered the event with a touching piece about compassion, linking compassion for people with compassion for animals used for food.

We were moved by the gratitude shown to all of us by the diners who seemed to really enjoy the meal of heritage turkey, cornbread stuffing, roasted root vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, home made wheat bread and apple pie.

Please see the next blog entry for a clip of the television coverage.

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