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Dear Aggie,

I’m trying to make better purchasing decisions, and love what you do. I want to support systems like you certify, but I wonder if these kinds of farms can really supply larger markets and make a difference in our food system?

Hungry in Hanover

Dear Hungry,

This is a great question. We have farms with hundreds of thousands of acres, and farms with two acres: it’s about system, not size. There is no farm size requirement as long as the farm meets our standards. We also have a number of producers that aggregate product and sell cooperatively to supply bigger markets. This is an essential component in growing the market (and hence farms, acreage, and animals) for high-welfare, pasture-based farming systems. Long-term, we believe everyone should have access to food that respects the planet, and we’re going to need farms that can supply schools, hospitals, inner city grocery stores – and manufacturers! – to make that happen. It’s support from conscientious consumers like you who are going to drive that change, so thank you!

The AGW Team

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