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Ninny Nu’s Organic Farm by Tanya Sousa

Ninny Nu pixNinny Nu’s Organic Farm by Tanya Sousa with illustrations by Amber Alexander (Radiant Hen Publishing) is a classic tale of farm animals competing to produce the best crop ever for the Mayor. Ninny Nu, a house cat, runs an organic farm, treats her animals well, and refuses to use a tractor. Farmer Jack, a jack rabbit, is an intensive farmer with a loud tractor. He confines his animals in the barn and overproduces on his land.

In this story Ninny Nu teaches the important lesson that high quality food comes from a healthy, happy farm. After the Mayor’s competition, she teaches other farmers about her way of raising livestock and vegetables compassionately. With short paragraphs on each page, this book is a good introductory look at farming for older children. The illustrations by Amber Alexander are expressive and full of farming landscapes and animals.

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