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Kinloch Farm farmer profile

Kinloch Farm – The Plains, VA

The history of Kinloch Farm dates back to the early 1800s, when the farm was stewarded by the Turner family, followed by the Chrysler and Dancer families. In 1960, Stephen and Audrey Currier purchased the property with the intention of creating a lasting family legacy. Today, the third generation of Curriers continue to carry on the tradition on the farm’s 3,000 acres with emphasis on protecting open space, land and wildlife conservation and regenerative farming.

The team at Kinloch Farm, led by Farm and Conservation Director Mike Peterson, manages Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW), beef cattle on the property in The Plains, Virginia. In addition to being Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, the cattle herd at Kinloch Farm is Certified Grassfed by AGW, the first—and only—food label in the U.S. and Canada that guarantees food products come from animals fed a 100% grass and forage diet, and raised entirely outdoors on pasture or range.

The herd of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW Aberdeen Angus beef cattle are managed outdoors, grazing the property’s pastures. “We pursue adaptive grazing practices with our cattle that are bred to consume Virginia forages and produce an outstanding animal. The grazing herd regenerates our land by improving soil microbiology, increasing water retention, storing carbon, and promoting a diversity of forages in our system,” says Mike. “Our grassland systems promote whole systems health and sustainability. In our meadows, we promote the growth and health of plant species that are native to our region, attracting and providing habitat for an abundance of grassland birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.”

Kinloch Farm chose to pursue AGW verification for the added level of verification it provides for customers. “For us, certification programs represent engaging ourselves with organizations that have shared values and allow us the opportunity to form a relationship with an independent organization that has standards that easily translate to our customers,” says Mike. “Our Animal Welfare Approved certification ensures that we’re using the highest standards in animal welfare throughout the lifespan of the lives of our cattle. Certified Grassfed by AGW ensures that there is another layer of trust in our products that our cattle consume only grass throughout their entire life and we go about managing our grasslands to complement the nutritional needs of our cattle.”

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW beef from Kinloch Farm is available directly from the farm through their farm store with select products available online at Check the AGW directory for additional details. For more information about Kinloch Farm, visit, follow the farm on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and contact the farm online or by calling (540) 253- 5266.


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