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06Apr 09

Deadline to Comment on Subsidy Loophole!

Food Democracy Now's Dave Murphy has brought to our attention today's deadline for closing a loophole that allows subsidy payments for large corporations. Murphy says of these subsidies, "As part of his 2010 budget, the President proposed phasing-out direct payments in an attempt to save $9.8 billion over 10 years. Currently direct payments, which total $5.2 billion a year, are paid regardless of crop prices and are not tied to need. This means: Even in times of high commodity prices, corporate farmers still get a paycheck from the government...Today's current subsidy system allows large corporate farms to take advantage of subsidy loopholes that place independent family farmers at a serious competitive disadvantage."
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04Apr 09

Animal Welfare Approved Featured in Debut of New Food Show in NYC

Segments of an on farm visit by an Animal Welfare Approved auditor were featured in a news piece last night on Channel 11, WPIX in New York City. See below. Correspondent Arthur Chi'en debuts his new food show this weekend which also features Animal Welfare Approved. We''ll post the food show clip when it is available. Good luck with "Dining Pix," Arthur.

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02Apr 09

North Carolina Hog Growers Association Members to All Become Animal Welfare Approved

In 2007, a group of hog farmers banded together to pool their resources and build markets for their high-quality pork products and the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association was born. Currently made up of 25 hog farmers, the group decided to make being Animal Welfare Approved a centerpiece of their production practices. "The Animal Welfare Approved label tells our retailers and customers that our hogs are raised outdoors, on pasture, with high welfare standards," said group president Jeremiah Jones…

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01Apr 09

Animal Welfare Approved program now open to Canadian farms

We are pleased to announce that Animal Welfare Approved now has approval from the Canadian government to begin certifying farms in Canada. American consumers know buying products with the Animal Welfare Approved label ensures their meat, dairy and eggs came from high welfare farms. Soon Canadians will be able to benefit in the same way. Labels on Animal Welfare Approved products in Canada will read "This product originates from animals who are raised under the standards of the Animal Welfare…

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17Mar 09

What Would Darwin Say?

New York Times Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristoff recently published a piece on the connection between the rise of MRSA-related infections and industrial hog farming. "Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health," documents new and frightening research on this antibiotic resistant-bacterium that kills over 18,000 Americans a year (after eating their flesh and causing agonizing lesions). While MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has traditionally been associated with hospitals, jails and locker rooms, a new strain has been found that is apparently agricultural in…

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