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Animal Welfare Approved at Slow Food Nation: Day 2

It’s Day 2 of Slow Food Nation and we have been meeting some incredibly committed and passionate members of the sustainable food movement. We were honored to participate in Changemakers Day, a gathering of non-profit leaders and food advocates from across the country. This meeting of the minds brought together the Slow Food community, government and non-governmental organizations, and representatives from all aspects of our food system.

We participated in some exciting panels and connected with many friends and fans.

We were happy to see Michael Pollan at Program Director Andrew Gunther’s Soap Box presentation on food labeling.

At Changemakers Day, Andrew joined Animal Welfare Approved farmer Will Harris on a grass-fed beef panel, along with Patricia Whisnant, Brian Kenny and renowned author Wendell Berry. Brian Anselmo, a partner in the Animal Welfare Approved turkey farm, Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch, joined a panel on introducing heritage breeds to the marketplace.

As Day 2 draws to a close, we are looking forward to meeting more kindred spirits tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

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