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Kreher Family Farms in Clarence, NY

Kreher Family Farms – Clarence, NY

Kreher Family Farms grows Certified Regenerative by A Greener World (AGW) organic crops including corn, soybeans, table beets, triticale, peas and cover crops (oats, buckwheat and clover) in Clarence, New York. Kreher Family Farms was founded in 1924 and is owned and operated by the Kreher family. The farm is committed to evaluating all that they do in order to reduce their environmental footprint and preserve resources.

The farm uses environmentally centered practices including crop rotation and use of cover crops to build soil fertility. Their Certified Regenerative by AGW certification for crop production provides a whole-farm assurance of regeneration and sustainability, measuring benefits for soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility.

In creating their Regenerative Plan, Mike Kreher says, “We started looking at our farming practices because we wanted to do better, and we needed to – we wanted the fields to be in better condition for future generations. This is when we started looking at our goals, how we would measure progress and track our improvements. Regenerative farming was not a buzzword to us – it became the term that encompassed everything that we were working on.”

Kreher Family Farm pursued Certified Regenerative by AGW for their crop production so that they could differentiate themselves in the marketplace by verifying their regenerative farming practices with a trusted label. “Certified Regenerative by AGW fit with our philosophy from the start. Rather than using a cookie cutter approach, AGW acknowledges that each field is unique, each crop, each yield. Farms all over the world have different needs, and management varies at each farm too. When looking at certifications we wanted to avoid the prescriptive approach, and so we truly appreciated AGW’s perspective that each farm writes its own regenerative plan, based on that specific farm’s unique challenges and opportunities.”

Certified Regenerative by AGW crops from Kreher Family Farms are sold direct from the farm. For more information, visit, contact the farm at (716) 759-6802 and follow them on Facebook. For sales information, email Dan Henry at

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