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Princess Beef in Hotchkiss, CO

Princess Beef – Hotchkiss, CO

Cynthia and Ira Houseweart have deep roots in Colorado cattle ranching. Cynthia’s great-grandfather, Edward Ulysses Butterfield, and his brother, Charles, were successful ranchers in the late 19th and early 20th century in Phillips County, and controlled many sections of the…

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Seven Songs Organic Farm in Kenyon, MN farm profile

Seven Songs Organic Farm – Kenyon, MN

Melissa Driscoll raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) laying hens on pasture at Seven Songs Organic Farm in Kenyon, Minnesota. Melissa developed an interest in sustainable farming at an early age. She sold garden vegetables alongside her mother…

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Lee Farms in Kent, NY

Lee Farms – Kent, NY

Lee Farms is located one mile from Lake Ontario in the town of Kent, New York. Robert VanWuyckhuyse and his wife, CindyLou Lee, bought the farm in 1983. They decided to use CindyLou’s family name for the farm since Robert’s…

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TK Ranch beef cattle farm profile

TK Ranch – Hanna, Alberta

For over 50 years, TK Ranch has been committed to taking care of the wild prairie and producing quality beef for Albertans. Situated about a three-hour drive southeast of Edmonton, 10,000-acre TK Ranch is located in the endangered northern fescue…

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False Organic Egg Claims Come Home To Roost

I’m sorry to say it, but news that a large-scale “organic” egg producer is being sued for making misleading marketing claims about the welfare of its chickens comes as no real surprise. To be honest, I’m more shocked that it’s taken this long to make the headlines. Several news agencies are reporting that the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has filed a class-action lawsuit against Judy's Family Farm Organic Eggs and Petaluma Egg Farm for allegedly violating California's consumer protection laws. Judy's Family Farm Organic Eggs cartons feature images of hens roaming on an expansive green field, while the carton wording states that the hens are “raised in wide open spaces in Sonoma Valley, where they are free to ‘roam, scratch, and play’.” However, the ALDF claim that the organic hens at Judy’s Family Farm “are crammed in covered sheds with no outdoor access. Implying their hens are free-range when they are not provides an unfair advantage over actual free-range egg producers, and also cheats consumers.” The complaint? The packaging used by these egg producers leads consumers to mistakenly believe the eggs come from free-range hens. From what I know about the farm in question, I couldn’t agree more.
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North Carolina Pastured Pork Farmer Makes Sustainable Food Accessible and Affordable

Dixon Family Farms is now accepting EBT benefits though the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP,” formerly the Food Stamp Program) in order to meet the needs of the Greene County community. EBT provides assistance to individuals at the poverty level and EBT cards can be used to make food purchases at participating vendors, which now includes Dixon Family Farms. The farm was recently AWA-certified for pigs, meaning the animals are raised according to the highest animal welfare standards. Dixon Family Farms accepting EBT benefits enables community members of all income levels to enjoy high-welfare pork and provides the community with sustainable food choices.
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