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10Jul 20
Meet Archway Farms In New Hampshire.

Meet the Farmer: High On the Hog

Mark Florenz and his family are bringing an old New Hampshire farm—rich with agricultural heritage—back to life by producing the highest quality Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW pork. Archway Farm pork products are sold direct from the farm and wholesale to markets, restaurants and food establishments in the region.   How did you get into farming? Although I’ve been involved in farming most of my life, when our two boys were young we decided to have one of us…

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06Jul 20
AGW's Help Us Help You Publication Helps You Make The Most Of Your Certification.

Help Us Help You

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR CERTIFICATION As an AGW-certified business, you’ve earned the right to use one of the most valuable,  meaningful labels leading the marketplace today. What’s more, you’ve joined an ever-growing community of farmers and ranchers who are industry leaders in farm animal welfare and environmental sustainability. This guide explains how we can work together to maximize your certification—and by doing so, convey your hard work and sustainable farm management practices to your customers!   CONSUMERS WANT YOUR…

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02Jul 20
If You Care About Hunger, Here's 5 Reasons You Should Care About Sustainable Farms.

If you care about hunger, here’s 5 reasons you should care about sustainable farms

If you are concerned about hunger and food insecurity, about making sure that everyone has enough to eat, you should also care about independent, sustainable farmers. Within our lifetime, hunger has never been a more pressing issue. Over 20 million Americans are unemployed because of COVID-19 and food banks across the U.S. have seen record demand. The COVID Impact Survey taken in April showed the highest level of food insecurity compared to data from previous years, including an unprecedented rise…

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01Jul 20
What Does Buying Local Mean To You? By Coleen Biggs Of TK Ranch In Alberta, Canada.

What does buying local mean to you?

TK Ranch Guest Blog By Colleen Biggs from TK Ranch in Alberta, Canada   Driving home to the ranch I heard an ad from a Calgary grocery chain reassuring consumers that they only buy their beef, pork and chicken from local farms. I know what local means to me, but how might the average consumer interpret that message? If I had no connection with agriculture, I might think they were buying from stereotypical family farms and offering something different than other…

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26May 20
In Defence Of Redundancy

In Defense of Redundancy

Nothing gets us focused on farms like empty shelves at the grocery store. Having farmed through three pandemics, I can all but predict how this will play out: panic-buying and stockpiling, fleeting interest in local agriculture and temporary acceptance of the true cost of food, followed by quick return to the convenience of pre-pandemic shopping. It will be as if this recent seismic shift never happened, and we’ll have lost a rare opportunity to make sure it doesn’t happen again.…

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