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Challenging greenwashing and supporting positive solutions

07Feb 22
Beware Greenwashing blog

Beware Greenwashing

Today’s consumers want to know more about how their food is produced than ever before. And they are increasingly demanding better food raised according to higher welfare standards, with greater environmental protection and improved worker conditions, for example. But how do they know if they are really getting what they want? Consumer research shows that label claims like chemical free, spray free, free range or natural continue to cloud the market. In many cases these terms actually mean very little,…

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02Feb 22
Superbowl Sunday Recipes

Recipe game plan for Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is February 13, and you’ll definitely score a touchdown with any of these recipes from our certified farms, below. Not watching the “big game”? Not to worry—there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. As always, the ultimate game plan is enjoying sustainable, AGW-certified foods while helping to create a greener tomorrow!   Beef Bibimbap You won’t fumble making ground beef bibimbap or any of the any other recipes using Certified Grasssfed by AGW beef from Windy N Ranch!…

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28Dec 21
Happy New Year

Happy New Year From A Greener World

As 2021 draws to a close, we are celebrating the hard work of our farmers and supporters to ensure sustainable farming has a bright future—for our communities, our health and our world. This year has been a challenging one on many fronts: the increasing threat of climate change to farming and the planet, global food insecurity, environmental injustice, the health and animal welfare impacts of our food—all during a global pandemic. But there is hope in action, and your support…

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21Dec 21
Shopping For A Sustainable Holiday Season

Shopping For A Sustainable Holiday Season

With holiday season fast approaching, we’ve been looking at simple ways we can all make our festive celebrations better for us, better for animals and better for the planet we all share! Here are five suggestions from the A Greener World team for a sustainable holiday: 1. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on meaningless food label claims! It’s all too easy to fall for the many fake ‘green’ food label claims out there. Our free Food Labels Exposed guide will…

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09Dec 21
Holiday Shopping blog

Gifting Green

It’s mid-December. You still have to buy most of your holiday gifts… It’s impossible to choose for friends; you have NO IDEA what to get for colleagues or neighbors; and your family has way more “stuff” than they need or want. What to do?! This holiday season, why not help the Earth by gifting green? A Greener World certifies and supports hundreds of independent, sustainable farmers across North America, many who offer items that make perfect green holiday gifts! Choose…

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