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08Aug 19
A Change Of Heart

A Change of Heart

For the last six decades or more, government dietary advice in the U.S. and across much of the world has been to eat a diet rich in vegetable protein and fats, avoiding beef and other sources of animal proteins and fats. Yet recent studies suggest this advice may be wrong and may have led to the explosion of obesity and obesity-related disorders since the late 1970s after vigorous public health efforts to convince people to abandon meat and substitute plant…

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08Aug 19
A Pesky Problem

A Pesky Problem

Through consistent observation, you always noticed which herd members were more susceptible to internal and external parasites. Fecal sampling helped you identify a few silent carriers: heavily infested animals spreading parasites on your pastures even though they showed no visible signs of disease. Over time you selected only disease-free, low-burden stock for breeding. Today, your animals graze diverse pastures replete with a variety of bioactive forages. Dung beetles thrive, dispersing manure piles and destroying many eggs, while predatory insects devour…

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14Jun 19
It Wasn’t The Cows After All

It Wasn’t the Cows After All

While the cattle industry is repeatedly accused of being the main culprit for increased global methane emissions (and a leading cause for climate change), a new study shows that the fertilizer industry is the root cause. The report by researchers from Cornell and the Environmental Defense Fund, published in Elementa, shows that emissions of methane from the industrial fertilizer industry have been dangerously underestimated (and, it turns out, based on self-reporting) and the production of ammonia for fertilizer may result in…

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06Jun 19
Great Food Transition Or Great Mistake?

Great Food Transition or Great Mistake?

By Pat Thomas. This article was originally printed in the Spring 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 2) of Sustainable Farming magazine. To read the full issue please visit The authors of the EAT Lancet Commission report, Food in the Anthropocene, may not have intended their work to be a polemic, but polemic it has become.   Its notion of a “great food transition” has especially outraged regenerative farmers who are working to raise healthy animals in sustainable systems. It has divided…

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05Jun 19
Climate Politics And Vegan Wars

Climate Politics and Vegan Wars

By Frédéric Leroy and Martin Cohen. This article was originally printed in the Spring 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 2) of Sustainable Farming magazine. To read the full issue please visit   Have you noticed how arguments to ditch dairy and cut back on meat are springing up everywhere, from Twitter to the New York Times? It’s estimated there are one and a half million vegans in the U.S. Yet they are still outnumbered by livestock farmers and ranchers, who provide…

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