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27Dec 19
10 Things You Can Do For The Planet Instead Of Giving Up On Animal Agriculture

10 Things You Can Do For The Planet Instead of Giving Up On Animal Agriculture

At A Greener World, we have an annual tradition counting down the top ‘gifts’ we’ve received from Big Ag--and wish we could return. This year’s haul was a greatest hits list from the last decade: unproven, unlabeled genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food; increased antibiotic abuse in food animal production; wildly misleading label claims; fake meat, continued soil degradation, extreme weather made worse by climate change--the list goes on. So to close out the decade, instead of restating the…

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03Nov 19

Regenerative Farming: The next big con?

Before I get shot down, let me start by saying that I believe the collection of practices being described today as ‘regenerative farming’ have huge potential to put the brakes on—and indeed reverse—many of the negative impacts of industrial agriculture. Regenerative farming practices and principles offer solutions to some of the crazy activities that many farmers have been encouraged—or even forced—to partake in. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the widespread adoption of regenerative farming is…

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23Oct 19

Non-GMO Label Comparison Chart

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid genetically modified organisms, more commonly known as “GMOs.” Most consumers have concerns about health. Other questions one might ask in the face of this new technology: What do GMOs do to our ecosystems, the independence of our farmers, and the rights of consumers to decide what to put in their bodies? If you’re interested in avoiding GMOs, understanding the different non-gmo claims is important to know what they mean–and don’t…

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16Oct 19
Spreading The Message

Spreading The Message

At A Greener World, we’re serious about changing the way we farm and feed ourselves. We believe the work we do alongside AGW-certified farmers and ranchers really can transform our food and farming systems—and make this planet a better place. The rise in misleading label claims and the drive to further industrialize agriculture is raising big questions about the future of sustainable agriculture among farmers the public and policymakers alike. Working directly with pioneering high-welfare, sustainable farmers and ranchers, AGW…

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11Oct 19
Grassfed Challenges

Grassfed Challenges

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What feed supplements do you allow under the Certified Grassfed by AGW program?” To address this question, we have produced an Information on Supplements paper, available on our website. But let’s explore the issue further here.   Grassfed means grassfed The Certified Grassfed by AGW program is an optional, additional accreditation to AGW’s flagship Certified Animal Welfare Approved standards. A core requirement of the Certified Grassfed by AGW program is that…

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