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21Feb 18

Certification vs. Regulation

Dear Aggie, Why are certification programs necessary? Doesn’t USDA or anyone else have any general farm animal welfare guidelines for farms and slaughter plants? Thanks, Asking in Alaska Dear Alaska, The truth is that voluntary programs, such as those offered by AGW, offer the most detailed animal management and welfare standards. In the U.S., only three main pieces of federal legislation relate to animal welfare: 1. Humane Methods of Slaughter Act This act does not apply to poultry or other…

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21Feb 18

All in the Family

Dear Aggie, I heard you only certify family farms – what does that mean? Thanks, Mom in Maine Dear Mom, Thanks for asking. We all want to support our nation’s farmers and I’m sure you’ve seen the growth in the use of this term in the marketplace – especially as a way to imply wholesome practices without any further evidence. We define a family farm as follow (available in our definitions document here): “A farm rented or owned on which…

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21Feb 18

Dear Aggie

Confused by food labels? Want to know which farming practices are really sustainable? Dear Aggie is ready to answer your food and farming questions! Take a look below at the questions others have asked. To ask your own, click on the mail icon to the right, or email, and submit your question to Dear Aggie!   Climate-Conscious in Cincinnati Posted on November 21, 2016 Will cutting meat from my diet help save the world? Read More Holiday Giving Season…

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03Feb 18

Can We Really Expect Consumers to Shake Every Farmer’s Hand?

“Eat meat from people whose hands you can shake and whose ranches you can visit.” This was the take away from a recent OpEd that has been making the rounds, written by Ariel Greenwood, grazing manager at Freestone Ranch in the San Francisco Bay area. Ariel is a rancher whose heart is clearly in the right place. In her beautifully written OpEd, she outlines all the hard work they put in to restoring the health of the local (and global) environment,…

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22Dec 17

The Twelve Days of Business

This year, in a twist on our usual “Top Gifts from Big Ag,” we present the "The Twelve Days of Business," featuring special ‘gifts’ from Big Food, industrial agriculture and the corporations that now dominate our rural communities. Enjoy, and stick around for the good news on the 12th! On the first day of Business Big Food gave to me… Dirty Tricks To Cover Up Risks? Smearing individual scientists… ghost writing counterfeit science… interfering in government decision-making processes… secret tip…

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